Mob Rules Stream New Song 'Children's Crusade'

Mob Rules

Mob Rules have released an online stream of their new song "Children's Crusade". The track comes from their forthcoming album "Beast Reborn", which is set to be launched on´┐ŻAugust 24th.

Frontman Klaus Dirks had this to say, "Children's Crusade tells of an enigmatic movement of children, in the beginning of 13th century in Germany and France. The violent crusades to liberate Jerusalem led to no success. They pushed the people in poverty and famine. One night an angel appeared to a boy with a fateful message: Only a crowd of pure and innocent children could free the Holy Land.

"The sea behind Italy's Shores would part for them, to give way to Jerusalem. Called to lead this crusade, the boy gathered more than ten thousand young people around him.

"The arduous route took its toll, over one-third of the children died by starving or freezing on their way through the Alps. When the sea in Italy would not part, the sullen group of pilgrims broke up. Some settled in Italy, some returned home in shame. Only a few tried to continue their way on ships, to fulfill their holy mission. Foundered, captured or enslaved not a single child arrived Jerusalem in the end." Watch the video here.

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