Singled Out: Kissin Dynamite's I've Got The Fire

Kissin Dynamite

Kissin Dynamite release their new album "Ecstacy" today and to celebrate we asked them to tell us about the lead single "I've Got The Fire". Here is the story:

We're highly proud to have recently released our first single "I've Got The Fire" from our new album Ecstasy which. With this song, everything started exactly one year ago, in May 2017. As often, our singer Hannes sent me a pathetically sung and recorded (with his mobile phone) demo, where he sang some words to a melody he parallely played on the keyboard. Back then, the working title was "Don't hate the player, hate the game". But actually the bad quality of his very first demos are no problem anymore, because after such a long time writing songs together, I know him very well and we mostly can already imagine the full production and if there's some potential in it or not. Like that we learned to save a lot of time over the years. Because a good song is a good song, right?

However, I really liked the music right from the beginning, but I didn't like the slogan so much and thought, it should be something more simple. So I thought it over and over, but couldn't find something fitting for a long time.

And as is mostly is, I forgot about it and suddenly, somewhere came "I've got the fire" and we knew we've got it. So I wrote the words out of the perspective of a kind of messias that came right outta hell to bring light, fire and Rock n Roll into the boring world. In the end, we had a perfect first single in order to return with a big bang after a longer quiet period. Our bandname is Kissin' Dynamite, the song ended being a big stadium rock hymn with the name "I've got the fire" and the words in the chorus are:
"I've got the fire and you may be my dynamite, I've got the fire and I can't wait 'till you ignite. I'm gonna burn this place away 'cause baby there'll be hell to pay. I've got the fire and you may be my dynamite."

So there was no question that in the music video, everything would have to burn and explode. And that's just what it does, hell yeah!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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