Singled Out: Minority 905's Soundtrack

Minority 905

Minority 905 recently released their new album 'Dangerous Ambitions' and to celebrate we asked John Norbert Aquino to tell us about the song "Soundtrack". Here is the story:

I remember writing this song during the summer of 2017 and I think my main inspiration for it came from Paramore's album "After Laughter". I liked the idea of putting darker lyrics on a happy and poppy instrumental. This was my initial idea for the how the song would be.

I already had the title "Soundtrack" in mind. I got the idea for this title months before when I thought about long-lasting relationships between couples and how couples usually have specific songs that they can refer to as "their" songs. A song that plays at a wedding for example. So I took this idea and thought about how it applies to my life.

I haven't had any relationship like the kind I just mentioned, but when I thought about it, I have a number of very important people in my life like my friends and my family for example. When I first started writing the song, I thought about how my life has changed as I transitioned from being a teenager to being an adult and I think the biggest change that happened was my circle of friends got a lot smaller and I grew apart from a lot of people. In a way, I felt a little bit lonely and left behind.

So as I wrote more of the lyrics for the song, I then started to think about how lucky I actually am to still have people who have always been there for me through everything in my life. I think a lot of my friends had the same experiences of growing apart from the same people I grew apart from but through it all, we ourselves never fell out of touch.

Hence, they are my "Soundtrack" because just like music, they've always been an important presence in my life. After this, the lyrics for this song essentially turned into me saying thank you to these people and also saying that I will always be there for them also. All in all, the song didn't turn out exactly how I first envisioned it but it's nice to have a happy sounding song with more hopeful lyrics!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Minority 905's Soundtrack

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