Singled Out: Awaiting Eli's Unfiltered

Awaiting Eli

Awaiting Eli recently released a music video for their song "Unfiltered" and to celebrate we asked Eric Tomes to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

For "Unfiltered," I wrote that song in a pretty song and pivotal spot in my life. I was also listening to a ton of old school filter hence where the name of the song pays some homage to Richard.

I wrote this song while I had been with an ex of mine that I wanted forever. I mean I had the biggest crush on this girl for years. Fast forward I finally got her and after some time and goods and bads and immaturity throughout the relationship, I slowly realized something I wanted so bad and felt so great to me had been ruined and just didn't feel the same at all. All the ummmph was pulled out of the relationship. It had been repaired but never felt the same as it did.

This has now grown into different meanings now days for me as I have jumped into this music game professionally. What used to be so fun and simple as jumping on stage and killing it and feeling great, now feels so much different w 50k invested and all this stress. I still love what I do it's just not what it seemed before I got into it. The fun and artistry somehow gets disconnected at some point while your focusing on business and coming to the realizations of what you signed up for. For me this song resembles a lot of that and I'm sure can hit home to many different people in different ways. Everyone has something or someone in their life that sh*t just doesn't feel the same anymore. No matter how much you try to fix or heal it, it is just tainted.

That's where this song lies w me. I love that this song is catching on so many places. It's a banger. The chorus is catchy. This is the best product we've put out and we're just getting started. I'm stoked. In my case things don't feel the same as the song states, but I'm shooting to make them feel better!!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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Singled Out: Awaiting Eli's Unfiltered

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