Singled Out: Ghost Iris' The Devil's Plaything

Ghost Iris

Ghost Iris released their brand new album "Apple of Discord" today and to celebrate we asked frontman Jesper Vicencio to tell us about the song "The Devil's Plaything". Here is the story:

The Devil's Plaything was written at a very dark time. I had a "spiritual episode" some almost 4 years ago that changed my outlook on the world completely. The following years made me think a lot. Why is this world build on apathy? Why is what you own more important than what you do as a person? How did we come to this? When you suddenly feel for the life of the earth differently than 95% of the population does, it seems as if everyday you wake up, you wake up in a world gone mad. This view certainly sparks a ton of feelings. The whole spectrum gets involved. There's so much beauty, but it also feels like the ugliness is completely overpowering at times.

Thus the lyrics for "The Devil's Plaything" was written.

It tells of a man feeling torn to bits; the completely and utter soul crushing apathy of the common man, good men turning a blind eye, makes for pure darkness of the mind.

Sometimes giving up seem like the easiest thing to do and it surely is. The Devil's Plaything is about giving up and saying f*** it all. I'm not generally a proponent for giving up, as I see it as a weakness. Alas, I see lone standing songs as timestamps of the human experience and therefore it is a testament to the human condition - in this case: my own condition

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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