Rex Brown Leaves Kill Devil Hill

Rex Brown

Former Pantera bassist Rex Brown revealed in a new interview that he has left the metal supergroup Kill Devil Hill to focus on his solo music career.

Rex spoke with Loudwire about his current activities and broke the new during the interview. He said, "I've just been going from one thing to the other to the other since I've been 17 with some breaks in between, but man I had to get off that road.

"With Kill Devil Hill, the guys are starting to gig again and with them, it's very amicable. They are some of my best friends in the world. I just felt like I was keeping a damper on them so might as well take care of this thing now. It's a very amicable split and everybody's happy with the whole deal. It probably should have happened a year ago, but you never know. You've just got to keep things open. But I'm doing my thing and they're doing theirs and it's all cool.

"I've got more music in me and a lot of these songs just don't fit what I was doing before. I was always that Zeppelin dude in the f***in' background with a joint in his mouth, and I loved playing metal. Then Pantera happened and we had a very heavy cross to carry for a long time. So I've continued working, but I'm just a lot happier now." Read more about the split and find out what he plans next here.

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