Singled Out: If Walls Could Talk's Honest

If Walls Could Talk

If Walls Could Talk recently released their new album "Because It's Love" and to celebrate we asked singer Anthony Berkseth to tell us about the single "Honest". Here is the story:

I dated someone who was the complete opposite of me. But somehow, we were perfect for each other. So one day, I was thinking about our future and wondered how our differences would play out in the end and if we'd still be in love despite our beliefs.

The first thing I wrote in the song was the melody of the pre-chorus which talks about how hopeful it is that we were able to make it this far and still be so in love. Once I heard that melody, I went right to the piano and started fleshing out the song. It was perfect timing since this took place just as we were starting to work on our first full length album. So it was actually the first song on the album to be written specifically for the album.

The reason why it's called "Honest" is because it deals with not only being honest with others but with myself too. While I'm directly asking her if she will be alright with me in the future, I also had to step back and ask myself the same question.

The end of the song repeats the phrase, "just trying to be honest, just trying to be me." I sing this because at certain points in our relationship I felt like I had to hide part of who I was or would be unsure of who I was and defaulted to agreeing with her. So I say this line to explain how I don't want to do that anymore and want to be completely honest.

The hardest truth I got from writing this song was trying to understand if the reason we lasted so long was because I wasn't being completely true to myself. I don't believe this was the case, but writing this song definitely helped me understand how to be open so I don't second guess things like this.

The general moral of the song is to be honest and true to everyone including yourself. You don't want to be second guessing your decisions because you were never completely truthful.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself right here!

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Singled Out: If Walls Could Talk's Honest

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