Singled Out: Chaos Magic Featuring Caterina Nix's Furyborn

Chaos Magic

Chaos Magic Featuring Caterina Nix released their brand new album "Furyborn" today (June 14th) and to celebrate we asked Caterina to tell us about the title song. Here is the story:

I'd like to tell you about our song Furyborn. So when we were in the process of writing the album (Chaos Magic-Furyborn) we hadn't decided how to name it yet. What we did know was that we wanted to have some top guests singing or playing in some songs, since we consider Chaos Magic as a project with a format that allows for the inclusion of several guests artists. In fact, we were positive we wanted Tom Englund (Evergrey) to sing in one of the songs, so Nasson (the album's producer and my co-writer) and I started writing this particular song, having in mind Tom's abilities and style.

I went through several ideas for the lyrics, I even got to write the entire vocal lines with a different concept and lyrics. It was going to be called Fusion One, and it would describe the first biomechanical fusion between a man and a machine. But then I thought that this concept was a bit too Fear Factory for this record in particular, and decided to go with something a bit less sci-fi. So then I came up with the name Furyborn, which is quite powerful, relatable and easy to remember. The song speaks about how we are being permanently controlled by circles of power and the press, being indoctrinated to believe and support certain ideas that benefit a few. So being fury-born relates to be able to look at our reality with our own eyes, to use our own voice, not being afraid of our natural freedom and it's basically a call to rebel against this control.

At this point, the song for Tom was ready and we had never even mentioned it to him, not even a hint. So I wrote an e-mail to his management, crossing my fingers but thinking maybe we were gonna be flushed down the toilet hahaha. But they were very professional and nice, and put me in contact with Tom after listening to the demo. So thankfully Tom liked the song and agreed to be the voice we wanted for it so badly. The final result turned out so well, we decided to name the album after this song.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Chaos Magic Featuring Caterina Nix's Furyborn

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