Tarja Turunen Discusses Collaborations On New Album

Tarja Turunen

Tarja Turunen will be releasing her new solo album "In The Raw" on August 30th, which features guest appearances from Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia and Kamelot's Tommy Karevik.

The former Nightwish frontwoman was interviewed by the Record Collectorand discussed both collaborations. She said of "Goodbye Stranger", featuring Scabbia, "there's been a lot of talks about making music together one day. Then this song came.

"Naturally, I wrote the song for my voice. I don't write duets - I write songs for my voice... With Cristina, it was fantastic when I finally [asked her]. I was recording my own vocals and I started to feel, 'Hey, this might be really great to try with her.' The song really felt like I needed to have her in it."

The track "Silent Masquerade" features guest Karevik and Tarja had this to say, "Tommy is an incredible singer. I've been following his career, and I adore his voice. It was actually very late in the production when I started to feel like the song needs something else.

"I had recorded my vocals already for it, and I felt, 'This needs something else'... I talked to him on Skype. We had a nice conversation, and I had to wait for his vocals until very late, because he was on tour.

"He delivered me over 40 tracks of vocals. I was so happy. It was so astonishing to have him working so hard on my song."

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