Rock Star Wife Jenny Boyd Releasing Memoir

William Lee | 01-19-2020

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Jenny Boyd

Jenny Boyd's memoir Jennifer Juniper: A Journey Beyond The Muse is set to be published on March 26th and she will be launching the book with an appearance at the New York Metro Fest for Beatles Fans in Jersey City, March 27-29.

Here is the synopsis for the book: "Author Jenny Boyd has effectively lived two lives, both of them extraordinary. When fashion and pop culture intersected during the Swinging '60's in London, Jenny Boyd was swept up into both worlds. A promising young model for cutting edge designers, she worked in Carnaby Street by day and danced at the city's most popular clubs at night where the music of the best of the British Invasion was showcased. She was Beatle George Harrison's (and later Eric Clapton's) sister-in-law, she married Mick Fleetwood, founder member of Fleetwood Mac, twice, and she was entrenched in the rock 'n roll world of fame, money, drugs and betrayal.

"During her 10-year marriage to rock and jazz drummer Ian Wallace, she stopped her rock and roll lifestyle, and later, as a divorced mother of two daughters, she went back to school, becoming a research psychologist and author with a Ph.D in Human Behavior. Bridging her two disparate paths, her Ph.D dissertation about musicians and the creative process morphed into a book that was first published in 1992 and later updated and re-issued in the US and UK in 2014 under the title IT'S NOT ONLY ROCK 'N' ROLL.

"Jenny Boyd's new memoir, Jennifer Juniper: A journey beyond the muse (yes, she also was Donovan's inspiration for the song), will be published on March 26th by Urbane Publications. Coinciding with the publication of the book, Boyd will be a guest speaker and panelist at the annual New York Metro Fest for Beatles Fans at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City, March 27 to 29. A preliminary launch event will take place in London on February 26th.

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Rock Star Wife Jenny Boyd Releasing Memoir

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