Metallica Felt Confident Going Into Black Album

Michael Angulia | 06-24-2020

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Metallica's lead guitar Kirk Hammett says that the band felt very confident with the momentum behind them going into making their blockbuster "Black Album".

The band recently took part in a fan Q&A session with Kerrang! and Kirk was asked "It's October 1990. You're about to record The Black Album. What's the first thing that springs to mind?"

He responded, "By the end of the Damaged Justice tour [1989], we were kind of singing riffs to each other already. The Sad But True riff was already around. Jason had been in the band for a while and we had finally coalesced into a band over the course of that tour.

"We were feeling really good and ready to make another strong musical statement. MTV had started playing us, they were primed. Radio had started playing us, they were primed.

"The mainstream media knew about us and they were primed, and so everything kind of lined up. The expectation from all the external forces were like, 'Let's see what you got!'

"I think that made us a bit more confident because it was like, 'Oh now you want us? We'll show you these sets of riffs, chew on this.'" Check out the full Q&A here.

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