Previously Unreleased Chris Cornell Song Clip Shared Online

Michael Angulia | 09-20-2020

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Previously Unreleased Chris Cornell Song Clip Shared Online

Chris Cornell's widow Vicki took to the late singer's Instagram page and shared a previously unreleased clip of the original version of one his tracks to celebrate their daughter Toni's 16th birthday.

Vicki shared a clip of the original version of the song "Only These Words" (the final version was on his "Higher Truth" album), along with these message, "Toni, Your dad would be so proud of the smart, strong, beautiful, and confident woman you are growing up to be.

"You are so very loved, and you give so much love, freely and unconditionally. Your first sentence was 'I love you' to your baby brother when you first met him. As your dad so perfectly sang and what it's always all about - 'Only these three words repeating...I love you...'

"Continue to do great things, my sweet girl. He is always with you! And to celebrate you with everyone- I'm sharing part of daddy's original version of 'Only These Words' Happy 16th Birthday, Toni." See the full post with the song clip here.

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