Why Of Mice & Men Are Focusing On Releasing EPs

Keavin Wiggins | 02-25-2021

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Of Mice Men

Of Mice & Men singer and bassist Aaron Pauley has explained why the band is now focusing on releasing music via EPs instead of putting out full length albums.

The band is releasing their new EP "Timeless" this week (Friday, February 25th) and Pauley spoke to Metal Mal about the effort, which may be the first of a series of Eps from the band to come.

Aaron explained how that allows the band to get new music out to fans faster. He said, "For us, that approach minimizes the length of time between us finishing material and you being able to hear it.

"I think the time it takes to create, and then eventually curate, an album's worth of material, it takes a lot longer and creates a lot more lag time in that conversation than creating a few songs that are a snapshot in time and releasing those, and you can kind of do that in a more timely manner.

"You're almost releasing smaller snapshots in time, smaller collections, and it just makes for the ability to release new music all year." Watch the interview below:

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