Former Delain Singer Charlotte Wessels Shares 'Soft Revolution'

Keavin Wiggins | 03-08-2021

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Charlotte Wessels still from the video

Former Delain frontwoman Charlotte Wessels recently released a "studio report style" video for her brand new solo single "Soft Revolution" that is part of her Patreon campaign.

She had this to say, "I wanted to share this little studio report style video for 'Soft Revolution' with you, because it's one of my favourite songs so far and because I like how it shows the Six Feet Under Studio the way that I usually record; wearing a baggy shirt, sitting down. I always tell myself I will stand up and redo all vocals properly in my booth for the actual recording but for the last songs I end up going with my 'writing takes' a lot, which have the unfiltered emotion, and are often first takes. The only difference with reality is the brushed hair and the amount of highlighter. Art is still a lie folks, nothing is real.

"I figured I'd share another full song here, to have a little more than the short clips I usually show to represent what's going on at the Patreon, now that it's the main place for all my things. More at Patreon, next Song Of The Month coming up the 13th.

"'Soft Revolution' was the Song Of The Month for January 2021. Find all other Songs of The Month (10 and counting) along with covers, behind-the-scenes footage, hangouts and much more on Patreon.

The making of 'Soft Revolution' as well as this video, were made possible by my Patreon community. Thank you!" Check out the video below:

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Former Delain Singer Charlotte Wessels Shares 'Soft Revolution'

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