Granny 4 Barrel Unleashes 'The Art Of Deception'

Keavin Wiggins | 03-08-2021

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Granny 4 Barrel single art courtesy Chipster

Granny 4 Barrel has released a video for the brand new track, "The Art of Deception." The song is first in a series of singles that are planned for release this year.

The video was shot by videographers David Brodsky and Allison Woest from My Good Eye Visuals in an old castle on the Hudson River called "Greystone Court." Brodsky explains "We shot filming in super-slow-motion, we were able to capture our stellar cast's interpretive dances, bringing the song to life visually and expressively. It was a remarkably entertaining shoot and we're all quite proud of the result."

Granny (aka Terry LeRoi) had this to say, "The character of Granny is inspired by horror movies, villains and anti-heroes. If you take a closer look inside, there are psychological components to this alter ego that give it depth. It's the perfect vehicle for me to express my disdain for stereotypes and intolerance. But it also gives me equal satisfaction on the theatrical and musical side."

"Writing this track with David Bendeth was a great experience" continues LeRoi "We delved into darker waters and were able to explore and stretch out musically and vocally. I believe we hit upon a theme a lot of folks can relate to "The Art Of Deception" begs the question, 'Who do you really trust?' Your leaders...your friends? Beware infiltrators among us - they are wolves in sheep's clothing!' It's an honor to share this menacing track with all of the rock 'n' roll children!" Watch the video below:

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