Singled Out: Sammy Berell's Pure

Keavin Wiggins | 11-09-2021

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Swedish guitar hero Sammy Berell just released his new album "Beyond The Veil", and to celebrate he tells about the story behind the single "Pure". Here is the story:

The story started around The recording of passion dreams album 2013. The background I am on my way to Poland at this moment driving on the highway to the airport. vacation practice on my way at the morning, in the middle of it all I get a phone call. I can recall a few things right here.

Stressed tired I couldn't focus on who it was right away but. it was Daniel "AKA Daniel Flores" The producer from Stockholm who I call a couple of weeks ago. hello man, I am glad you decided to record with me .yeah it's how it works these days. I drove. faster and faster to keep up so. we didn't miss the flight. I was clearly under pressure to get down to skavsta. The actual airport how was a couple of miles from where I live. 1-hour driving and a lot of irritating traffic of course. you should know that. If you are visiting Stockholm in the summer. we have a habit to build and fix our roads during these periods. All people who know me. knows I often come way too late. Surly 30mins or so. This was no exception. To hang around me you need nerves of steel. I often arrive at the last moment of a schedule. The train boat plane etc. The phone call went on under the journey we decided to meet up when I came back. Jumping forward one month in the storyline. I just landed. On the way home. We pass over the bridges over the water who are between. the south part and north that connects our home to the rest of the island. I call Daniel. Hey, it's Sam I am on my way home now. just passing over the bridges. over to his side, He replied hey I am out sunbathing at one of the cliffs, next to the bridges ..hey man why don't you and your girlfriend. Coming down and join me. my friends and my wife. I was to tired after flight .A few days after. We meet up in his studio. The weather was good exciting. finally getting things going. We arrived in a lite street in the town story building and just normal house apartments all over. I think? here a studio?? he opens up a door to just a regular building next to a shopping center we walked in down in the basement. he had it. it was a little room .cozy well made. Lots of gadgets. A small bunker that he had fixed up on his own. I was surprised that he had so little space. But so much stuff in there. It was like he had tried to push things in. to maximum And make the best out of it very organized though. In the coming weeks, we started to build up the framework of what's shall be becoming Passion's Dream album. It took a long time to get things in order. One track after another. was recorded. having Mike Verscera inward. Was a thrill that was beyond my dreams. I don't know anyone. How have worked with him before from Sweden? Or even after that. I don't know why. Such an amazing singer's amazing talent a so very kind and easy to work with. eventually, after 10 tracks recorded Daniel asked me when we were recording them. Hey Sam why don't you sing on one track yourself? I had that in my mind, thought about it if. I didn't know if I should be able to pull it off. More weeks passed. we continue. And I felt something was missing here something real. And something that could be new and fresh. We added three more songs. that was supposed to be for Japan. Daniel said. They love music you know. And they pay for it.

Goran Edman who was called in. To do Midnight flyer track. It was a joy as well to hear his work when it was done. But I remember it was hard to get a clear picture at the start. where it should be in the end. He had some very different approaches by singing fragments of ideas and explaining how the thing would be. As well Daniel had worked with him much before and did know how he works I was so caught up in the middle, Very angry at Daniel at the time where should all end up. go I often said can he" deliver. Daniel replied well he does things, not as you may be related to as back at the Yngwie albums from the 90ts .it was a ton of misunderstanding going on between all parts here .days after I spoke to Goran and he told me what I need to hear and I thought well. fear enough. I thought. times fly very well the song worked out very nicely and the song was good. week have gone by in into the months. it was autumn I was done, Danielwas even more done.

The work how I believe. was way too much work for Daniel and me was a fact. Daniel said it was one of his longest works. taking all his energy to this project. he was exhausted. we had 12 songs at that time. I remember him talking about that track he spoke about where I should sing. Why don't we put that one as well to Japan? ye well he said ok. We can do it. We took a break over few weeks and returned to the studio fresh with a clear vision. I recalled something with acoustic. He said I know were where we shall get the sound. he took me into .Stockholm best music store. Deluxe music. He said you know peter Rooth work their you know Yngwie's old guitar tech. an interesting subject that could be interesting. At the store some days later we arrived after none he wanted me to rent the guitar. That he had in mind. we meet up with peter. How was a very friendly and very open-minded to our business plans I know Daniel often rented things there and was friends with the guys a good deal with no problem.? he stod there explain one or two things. it was fun to meet him. We spoke about the album that was on the. talk of the town at that moment. And Daniel had been bragging about how a good thing was. going it was a really good feeling that was laying over Stockholm that year. I remember things couldn't have been better then my expectations were very high. a good album good producer and a good budget .what could go wrong.
Later on that day we started ...I had some chords that were very hopeful full.

Daniel took the piano. And try to come up with some cords as well. I said after a while I believe we shall keep this one clean. yeah why not he replayed.it surely the best. a clean sound is very powerful in itself. we worked on the track over that day. and returned the next day in the morning. I was needed to write a lyric. of course, I thought about love. love that so central in our life. love how is so hard to describe. just like that.
I thought of my girlfriend at the time who had done a major journey. just for love .breaking up from another country just to adopt. For a new culture And as well we had been through hell over few years. So the song lyrics must be. Something about love. As well love has always been so pure for me. It's righteous its cruel is fear it's bald. It's genuine and free .its very hard to understand for us humans. just become we only can see our life from ourself. as a kid being able to grasp it. like I believe other people did too. With many girls behind me and broken-hearted many times .its a walk we sometimes must take to learn. over and over I thought well why not pure love? love is pure if you are pure in your heart. pure intentions lead to good love. something simple I wanted many people should e able to understand. Well at least relate .even. so simple but so interesting. I started to build up chords progressions and Daniel put up drums for the song. by that time I change my mind and said. Daniel why not let Goran do this one he said? why I thought you should have done this well I don't. know. with mike on The major of the track and Goran in tow. Idk you know these guys can sing .they live on it. I am a guitar player. Daniel said. Let's try first and then we see. Okay, the song was there from the start the melody so simple. Yet so deep. and so melodic I hadn't sung for many years could do it surly but my voice was not at its best level. even though I could sing well my days were over. I was having shows as a teen. started out singing at a very early age. stand often on stage theaters school band etc. But now Daniel was working his ass off with the computer to even make this work. patch it together and even get it right. after many takes and configurations. He laughs. And said hey man well it sounds like it does. I don't know but I think it is worth a try don't you think. I laugh I was shaking my head. and said what I this its sound just crazy. this is just bad but he inserted he sid well let me polish this one a little. He did, in the end, it was okay, not super but okay. Our time at the studio started to go to an end. We were in late November it was cold many things were cold. But with a glowing album that was not yet finished. Daniel had hyped up things with the album and people out in Stockholm had their exceptions and rumors were floating around about the new upcoming guitar player. Even Erica Yngwie x wife how worked with Daniel. back in the days. was fooled one time as well many more .. Daniel had his humor try jokes on people, hey I recorded Yngwie new album. listen. and I start to play live. that joke was constantly going around in his studio outside with. or without the phone speakers on when people could. it was fun. many jokes like this and really ugly things thing were fun Daniel and I was out-of-the-box humans. older now. but more wilder as kids. I believe the craft was made of that we two. were lonely wolfs .learned to survive on our own. in some ways. How had some anger grown deep down in us? without it the songs, the album in itself would sound like sh*t. But I started to wonder if. Pure would make it on that album my. the idealistic concept. Was there but not with pure my song it felt wrong for some reason, Few months after we were done. Shortly after some dispute and many reasons why. the work end up in separate ways., I was exhausted Daniel too. We were done with all. I just wanted to lay that album aside and rest .. jumping forward to the next year 2014. I took a break..that was a big mistake that I regret. I was looking for labels but I thought it was a piece of cake. That many labels would just come running to me. After all, It was a really good production solid Daniel how worked with frontiers. And I had all my optional open. What could go wrong?

The wall .short after the summer of that new year. that year my girlfriend and I arrived home. After some visiting Poland again. We just come home and after. One week we were going up to visit my parents and. I was planning to find labels it was my top priority. At that time. the short hasty visit ended up poorly planned a fight with my GF on the way up didn't make the situation even better. My father how was sick.after a brain operation and my mom how was very ill. But all home and try to keep things together .well there my father open the door to her room I slept in saw her .she was very bad, I understood it was not a long time left. But I was soon to expect the worst my. GF and my dad left us alone. I saw in her eyes. .as she always look at me when she wanted to stay hopeful. she was smiling. and started to talk. I heard her voice. fragile and empty. she asked me. The album sam. Is it was done now .. yes I said it done mom .yes she took a long braked and look at me. with big eyes. and had to pain. she has always supported me. Never fully understood music at my level. . but very loving towards my dreams. very hard believer. very genuine. and very hopeful.even now in that moment with her body eaten up .inside out rheumatic disease and having numbers of heart operations, on her belt. not been able to walk the last month. Shortly after that I walked away and crying, I felt it was now or never to say goodbye. When I came back into the room she we crying too. but wiped away her tears and. we tray to say a few words. before I left. we left them and were going home. Shortly after one week after the visit. She passed away. Very Suddenly. it was very hard. I thought how the hell. Did I not see this coming. if that wasn't enough just two weeks after her death my GF left me just like a ghost. without a word, so many years and so much love were wasted. why living someone with grief. from nowhere, I have been thrown. Many weird and painful moments in my life I have many own fights many lots and uphill moments of hard decisions .but never lose to humans how have meant so much to me at the same time. almost. it was a tuff time .outside people asked much about the album I kept my secrets below. I try to wind time as well.l I am not that guy how to runs around and talks about my private issues with people. I tried to focus and talk to a small circle. but it was too hard to keep on looking for labels. fighting for your album remembering backstabbing the lost. Of a lot of money death and sorrow. and worries about my dad too. as well be strong to lift up-promote No. I was coming to a halt. And understand that hey Sammy you need to put this on your waiting list. So I did. jumping forward 2016. after one or two years I can't remember how long it was but around there. I had some unexpected help from a childhood buddy. Martin sweet guitarist and an old-time friend from childhood school and all .as well as another friend how I know from the clubs in Stockholm how worked there. How had ideas and was believing me some of the first friends that inspire me to do my album as well believed very very strongly in my ability. David is a truly genuine soul. a good human. That has to help me and many other bands forward. he had connections and did know people how to help me out. on the way. One day a label was taking on the task. it was the old more prominent labels kind of old and skilled bigger ones, in Stockholm Sound pollution. with a long history of bands more than 30 years, Davids' friends Charley? how know some guys up there. Johan A real sharp guy meet me up and Hook me up signed me on. Album was coming to be released in.2017 Passion came out after a very very long waiting. It was doing good and all was paying back my health my soul my life was taking another turn. from the dark days into the light. But pure was not on. I had decided to what for that one, I felt that track with all that it stood for was . not Something I could release at that moment. It felt the wrong t as well. Pure is a track that should mean something special. It was made of simplicity and surely one of the best tracks that I have made. The album was out and the years passed. some year's storylines go over 2017 to 2019

.Behind the shadows. Man with significant contacts luring in the dark.his special place to guiding me forward is someone odd and I couldn't think of another different turn for The track pure and my story.

Fb Hello A man supporter fan. Named Donnie from u.s Had under along time watch me follow my step. And was just so determined that he was my drummer. His storys of drumming from the early years. Auditioning for many artists and playing drums like he never did something else was just something I never heard. Like that before. you can brag you can make thing more unbelievable than what it is. And you can talk. And you can be Donnie .short and simple. I was checking up on his background and had some divided thoughts on him. Listen .at this point. u often drop these guys there are a bunch of them out there right away. But Donnie had something else. big heart willpower. and in fact, he had connections. somehow. He was lost in some way. Just need that extra get-up. I don't know but I saw something in him. he thought very strongly I needed him to go out and play. As well as to work with me on my next album. he has some connections very good ones with us. where he lives? his consistency was impressive. loyal and help me with things. I like people how don't give up. and people how to have much patience. and know what they want and how to stay very loyal. I said one day. sure gimme your best shot. .what happen here is a story on its own. Donnie. Had some ideas. He knows that I was working on demos for my next album. What I don't know at this moment. Is that Donnie has to drum much under many many years He is a drummer how has seen the best days. Years have passed sense the better days and. And taken hard on him. as well and his drumming. I gave. his chance.we booked up a studio session. at this time I understood. That something is not right kind of fast. But when he stepped into the studio. and started the next run on the track. He ended up in a heart attack.just like that. My story about the next album is just on halt here, his health is my concern. The very sad moment there. A man with that passion goodhearted and. the willpower that few even have, and where shall things go from here.Donnie, recover few months from the accident. He contacted me again .asking for another chance. after all. I hadn't found another drummer., My first thought was. . Donnie comes on your just not in shape. you know you almost died there, man. I felt for him. His downfall is his pride.And his years passed.one day too gets chans it doesn't take much.To give someone, a helping hand either. Or a second change is easy when you stand on higher ground. If you are strong you help.For some reason, I told Donnie about pure.It was a song that meant much but. I wasn't too happy with my vocal I need someone how could sing like an angel. Hm, he said you need someone good. let me see. He recalls some story where he did audition for Yngwie Malmsteen for the war to end all war tour 2001 .just because he was a friend. at that time .with Mats Claussen Yngwie's old keyboard player. And the guys how mostly write and compose Yngwie's songs during the years from 1990 to 2003 ofc. I didn't know him not personally but with many friends, I almost.Had a chance some years early to work with him but he passed away. he also remembers that the singer at that time was mark boals. I was happy yeah if you could get a hold of him? right? well, he said he was nice. I can surely try. Sort after that. I get a phone call in the morning.Hey Sam .. a clear and distinct voice shouts out hey man ? are you there is it sam? yes yes, it's me I said. Mark? the clock is around 4 in the morning Swedish time. And I am kind of tired. . Mark had just ended his show in. Las Vegas. . And just coming home. we spoke for a while and he like my tracks and agree to make some new ones. I was very glad and thrilled to have him aboard. We started to recored a few tracks. mark was up for writing. two tracks himself .exathodernery. Impressive work. Donnie was back, And I promised him to help him out.I tried my best .but the winds took another turn. I believe Donnie caught up time the poor condition and lack of not playing drums as much as I need him to do. As well his health was not to say at least bad. very bad in one word. Somewhere in this story, In the end, he .understood where he could be more useful.I told Mark that I had a special song.That my voice was not that good to deliver that performance as I wanted. well, He said. send it, what was coming back. Was the best I ever heard. I was blown away. So fantastic and so right. Almost 7 years after it was recored. It finely sounds what it should have sound at the start. The album Beyond the veil will be My second album.The pandemic situation was putting things on hold till 2021 when now I release it and pure.

With that said again. Martin sweet how stood ones again with my side this time mixing the album and polish it as well. Donnie hill.A person how to have. become a very good very loyal music partner, I believe pure and the new album have a bright future. And I was tempted to name the new album pure. but No .pure will be the single one. A stand-alone track it will live on its own ..Born. and made out of love released out of love.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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Singled Out: Sammy Berell's Pure

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