The Happy Fits Ponder illegal Pineapples in 'Around and Around' Video


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The Happy Fits Video still
Video still

(Big Hassle Media) The Happy Fits share a thrilling cinematic video for their latest single "Around And Around" ahead of their third studio album, Under The Shade of Green.

The cinematic, eccentric video for the band's latest track "Around And Around" picks up where their previously shared "Do Your Worst" video left off. Both directed by Joe Lee and Christian Strevy, "Do Your Worst" set the scene, imagining a world where pineapples are made illegal by the U.S. government. The trio begins illegally distributing them, making significant profits, leading to a run from the "Drug Enforcement Administration".

Instead of coming up with an ending to the madness themselves, however, the band asked their own dedicated fans to decide the outcome for them through the Choose Your Worst Adventure contest on social media. The fan-chosen conclusion takes the story further in the "Around And Around" visual, showing the rambunctious trio in their factory, packaging and distributing the fruit until an undercover FBI agent, disguised as a factory worker, where they get caught and sent to do community service.

The band was thrilled to get their fans involved in the riveting saga. Calvin Langman (vocals/cello) says, "After making ten music videos for our last album, and three for this upcoming one, our fans have become pretty accustomed to our zany antics. We thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to let THEM choose how the music video ended for once?" We had around 2,000 votes in our Choose Your Worst Adventure contest on how to end the 'Around And Around' music video-it was so awesome that so many fans are invested in our stories!" Watch the video below:

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