Maneskin Recruit Tom Morello For Next Single 'Gossip'

Keavin Wiggins | 12-18-2022

Maneskin Rush! Album art
Rush! Album art

Maneskin have announced that they have recruited Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello as a special guest on their forthcoming single, "Gossip".

The band will be releasing their single on January 13th. The track comes from their forthcoming studio album, "RUSH!", which they will be releasing on January 20th.

Members of the group shared their thoughts on working with Morello on the forthcoming track. Ethan had this to say, "He brought some Rage to Maneskin!"

Damiano: "Tom Morello's enormous experience allowed us to take cues on how to work on tracks without overthinking. We can't thank him enough for joining us on this track. It's an honour for the whole band!"

Thomas: "Tom is one of the greatest musicians that I've always listened to and learned from. Playing with him is a dream come true. It's an enormous gift and a personal highlight of this incredible year"

Vic: "The song originated from a riff which Thomas had written some time ago and which we had been holding onto for a long time which we kept developing. Then the icon Tom Morello joined and brought something extra to the classic uptempo Maneskin cheerfulness."

Fans do not have to wait until next month to hear some of the new music. The group has shared the track "La Fine". Stream it below:

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