Slash Confident Guns N' Roses Will Release New Album (2022 In Review)



Slash Confident Guns N' Roses Will Release New Album was a top 22 story from Feb. 2022: As Guns N' Roses prepared to release their new four-song EP, "Hard Skool", on February 25th, Slash said that he feels confident that the band will release a new studio album at some point in the future.

Slash spoke about the new EP with Rolling Stone, including the title track, which is one of two new songs that he had recorded with Guns N' Roses in over 25 years.

He said of the song, "'Hard Skool', in essence, was a completed song when I was first introduced to it. And Duff and I went in and redid the bass and the guitars. It's a simple song, so it didn't take a hell of a lot of thought and analysis.

"I think it was a lot of fun just because it was part and parcel of a bunch of stuff that we were working on that was all sort of new - at least to Duff and I - so we had a good time. There's a bunch of new stuff also coming, maybe a little bit more complex, but it's just as much fun."

Slash was asked if that meant that a new album was in the works and he responded, "I know we've got some songs and we're releasing another one at some point soon, and there'll be another one after that.

"As far as the record is concerned, that remains to be seen as far as a whole package, but I feel pretty confident that at some point down the road, there will be."

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