KISS Star Paul Stanley Reflects On Relationship With Gene Simmons



KISS frontman Paul Stanley reflects on his relationship with band cofounder Gene Simmons in a conversation with Dan Rather for the Big Interview. AXS TV sent over the following:

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS have been through many ups and plenty of downs together. Trust, time, and reasonable expectations are what got them through it all.

"A great partnership is based on understanding its limitations. If you don't expect something from someone that they aren't equipped to give you, you won't be disappointed," Stanley said in an interview with Dan Rather. "Perhaps the times where I've been disappointed in Gene were times where I really should have said, 'That's not on his list, that's not something that he excels at.'"

"The core of what we have is a work ethic and a bond that's built on time, there is no substitute in a relationship for time," Stanley explained. "When you meet someone, there may be potential, but nothing comes of it without experience and seeing how each one of you responds to crisis, to victory, to defeat, and that is what Gene and I have been through together."

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