$200 Million Being Invested In KISS Avatars Says Gene


$200 Million Being Invested In KISS Avatars Says Gene

KISS are reportedly betting that their avatars will be a big success, with cofounder Gene Simmons telling fans that "about $200 million" are being invested in the avatars.

The band introduced their "new era" featuring the avatars during the final show of their End of The Road Farewell Tour on December 2nd at Madison Square Garden, with the avatars "performing" their 1991 song "God Gave Rock and Roll To You", following their live encore.

They shared a behind the scenes introduction video online and stated, "The end is only the beginning. KISS have been immortalized and reborn as avatars to rock forever. Get exclusive access to the full story, including behind-the-scenes material and the making of the avatars, and be part of the New Era only on kissonline.com."

At a meet-and -greet session following the final show, Simmons was asked about the avatars and he here, "They're gonna get better, that animated stuff. There's so much being planned, even beyond my comprehension. But they're spending about $200 million to take it to the next level."

As we previously reported, for the new KISS avatars, the band turned to ILM (Industrial Light & Magic), who are best known for their groundbreaking work on Star Wars, with ABBA Voyage producers Pophouse Entertainment producing and financing the new venture.

Paul Stanley: "What we've accomplished has been amazing, but it's not enough. The band deserves to live on because the band is bigger than we are. It's exciting for us to go the next step and see KISS immortalized."

Gene Simmons: "We can be forever young and forever iconic by taking us to places we've never dreamed of before. The technology is going to make Paul jump higher than he's ever done before."

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