Being As An Ocean Deliver 'The Fullness of My Being'


Being As An Ocean Deliver 'The Fullness of My Being'

Being As An Ocean have released new single, "The Fullness of My Being", which is the fourth single to be released off the band's forthcoming album, 'Death Can Wait' (out February 2nd, 2024).

The band shares, "The Fullness Of My Being is a personal reflection on what making music, being a performer, a writer, and an artist has meant to me and the place I, Joel, have allowed it to take in my life; what I have let it mean to me in the past. It was everything. I had let it become what defined me, what drove my decision making, my lifestyle, my whole personality. That sustained me for a time. But what I hadn't realized I was doing was neglecting huge parts of myself and my personal development because I was so hyper focused on that one aspect of my life. Parts of me that I had failed to foster were withering. Placing too much significance on one part of you can be immensely painful, detrimental, and even dangerous, especially when it is taken away from you.

"That is exactly what the pandemic did to me. It took away the music industry, at least for a time. But in that time, there was little to no hope in sight for that person that I had built myself up to be. I felt lost, unmoored, and directionless. I sank into a deep depression. It was through pulling myself back into all of the parts of me that I had been neglecting that taught me and showed me the whole of my being and personality. It gave me space to rediscover, explore, and expand my identity to be more of the man that I had hoped myself to be. These hard times have helped me realize and being to actualize the fullness of my being."

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Being As An Ocean Deliver 'The Fullness of My Being'

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