Pain 'Push The Pusher' With New Song


Pain 'Push The Pusher' With New Song

(Atom Splitter) PAIN release their new single "Push The Pusher." The song comes from their forthcoming new studio album I Am, that will be released on May 17 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Demonstrating their ability to blend electro grooves with fist-pumping rock, this track is presented with a stunning clip made by a dedicated video team, Midjourney and AI tools.

All images in the video are generated by AI and animated by two artists: Dmitry Alekseev and Sergey Kozlov, who created this special video in 2.5 months. The creators worked with a unique method, and developed this masterpiece for "Push The Pusher." The video premiere is set for April 12 at 1 pm ET.

Peter Tagtgren comments, "'Push The Pusher' was the first song I started working on after 'PIMH.' I was hungry for distortion and stomp, to create an industrial feeling again. Lyrics-wise, it's really about me, as I've heard more then half of my life..to grow up."

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Pain 'Push The Pusher' With New Song

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