David Lee Roth Streams New Song 'Scotch and Sofa'

Michael Angulia | 04-13-2024

David Lee Roth Streams New Song 'Scotch and Sofa'

After teasing fans by sharing a number of teaser clips, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth has unveiled a brand new song called "Scotch And Sofa 4", in its entirety.

Roth began sharing clips for the track earlier this week, revealing the first clip on Tuesday, followed by additional clips on Wednesday and Thursday, before he premiered the full song on Friday (April 12th).

"Scotch And Sofa 4" is the latest track that Roth has shared in recently years, following " Talking Christmas Blues" that he released last December, a new studio version of the Van Halen classic "Jump" from his 2022 sessions at Henson Recording Studio in Hollywood that produced 14 track that were recorded in a two hour span with his live band members guitarist Al Estrada, bassist Ryan Wheele and drummer Francis Valentino.

The flamboyant frontman has also shared tracks that were recorded in 2007 with John 5 of Motley Crue fame. Stream "Scotch And Sofa 4" below:

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