Asking Alexandra's Danny Worsnop Surprised By BTS Cover


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(CHQ Media) A new episode of The SDR Show featuring Asking Alexandra's Danny Worsnop is now available wherever you get your podcasts. Some highlights of the interview include: That the band's name is purely a marketing tact-a way to ensure that they're on top of any list. - How he witnessed some poor behavior from Axl Rose - That he didn't know the K-pop superstars covered his song until he got the massive check - Fans of his country music occasionally show up to an Asking Alexandria show expecting to hear much different music - How they bad is on a "one for the fans and one for us" release schedule - Why starting to write his autobiography at the age of 23 was stupid - How he wants to create a frozen pizza company called "FU Pizza," where the pizzas will be slightly larger than the average oven so that they need to be put in at an angle

When asked about being the writer of a huge K-pop song (BTS' "Silver Spoon") and if he "cleaned up" from it, Worsnop responded, "I paid off my publishing advance in a day. I found out about it on Twitter. It was a b-side for a Harlot song that our publisher BMG had and we never got an email about it. I'm sure whoever got the email asking if they want to do it (have BTS do the song) they said 'yes they want to do it.' They didn't want to risk us saying no! Worsnop added This was at a time that every dollar that came in from our account went up my nose."

When Sutton asked how odd it was that he was just supposed to be a multi-instrumentalist/gig player in the band and ended up as the lead singer Worsnop agrees, adding: "I was just talking about this to Ben (Bruce) and said can you think back to how determined I was to be such a mediocre guitarist and was so adamant at not singing because I had no idea that I can do this."

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