Dave Mustaine Says He Is 'Over' Metallica Firing (2022 In Review)

Keavin Wiggins | December 28, 2022

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Megadeth Album art
Album art

Dave Mustaine Says He Is 'Over' Metallica Firing was a top 22 story from Aug. 2022: Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine says that he is "over it" when was asked if he was still bitter about his exit from Metallica during an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Mustaine appeared on the show to promote the forthcoming Megadeth album, "The Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!", which is set to be released on September 2nd.

During the chat, Dave was asked if he was bitter about his famous firing from Metallica and he responded, "Not bitterness - I'm over it. It's just money.

"At the end of the day, my happiness and my family and my wife and my children are more important to me than anything in this world. I love our fans. I have so many things in this life that I'm happy about. But, man, it's my family.

"And obviously my relationship with God. I take that very, very personal. And I don't talk to people about it; I don't push it on 'em at all. It's my thing. And I just look at it like where I'm at right now... Yeah, [I was] 20 in Metallica, and now, look at me, I'm 60 in Megadeth. And I'm a Grammy winner. I'm a New York Times best-selling author - all these things."

Mustaine went on to explain, "The thing that bothered me the most was I had all my music, and I left it behind and I said, 'Don't use my music.' And of course they did. They used it on the first record, on the second record.

"There's parts of my music on a song on the third record. All the solos on the first record are mine, except that they're just performed by Kirk [Hammett]. And [they're] close but not the same. And he's not a bad guitar player." Stream the full interview below:

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