D.O.A. Release 'War On 45' 40th Anniversary Reissue


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D.O.A. News Cover art June 22, 2023
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(CWPR) D.O.A. have released a special "War On 45" 40th anniversary reissue. Comes with both original album covers (U.S.A. and U.K.) and contains original 8 tracks from 1982 and 7 bonus demo tracks from 1982 with Chuck Biscuits on drums.

Also contain 12 page War on 45 "Songs of Power and Struggle" booklet written by Joey Sh*thead Keithley. Now available in limited edition Cherry Red vinyl (500 copies only), Black vinyl and Splatter Vinyl (20 copies only) here.

In 1982, D.O.A. was ready to record a new album on the heels of their first two alums: Something Better Change and Hardcore 81, which are still both musical landmarks to this day. But their legendary line up had changed, as Randy Rampage was ousted from the band.

The older brother of Chuck Biscuits, Dimwit, stepped in on bass with Chuck still on drums, Joey Sh*thead on vocals and guitar and Dave Gregg on guitar. While this line up only lasted for 3 months, D.O.A. traveled to L.A. and recorded demos at Mystic Studios. Eventually Chuck quit, Dimwit took over on drums, and Wimpy Roy became the bassist.

So as a grand way of celebrating the 40th Anniversary of War on 45, which many a critic and fan hailed as one of the most innovative albums of it's time and on a par, quality wise with their first two albums, the band decided to add some bonus material.

First off, Sudden Death Records has included a 12 page booklet of unique photos, posters and an extensive history of D.O.A. at that time,. written by Canada's Godfather of punk Joey Sh*thead. In addition, they put all 8 tracks from the War on 45 1982 release onto Side A of the album and the 7 tracks from the pre War on 45 demos that were recorded at Mystic onto Side B. So you have the Montgomery brothers: Biscuits and Dimwit, two of the greatest drummers of all time (and not just punk rock, any kind of rock music) on the same LP.

SIDE A - Original 1982 Release w/ Dimwit on Drums
1. Liar for Hire
2. I'm Right, You're Wrong
3. America the Beautiful
4. Let's F***
5. War
6. I Hate You
7. War in the East
8. Class War

SIDE B - 1982 demos w/ Chuck Biscuits on drums
1. Rent-A-Riot (1982 demo)
2. Liar for Hire (1982 demo)
3. Race Riot
4. America the Beautiful (1982 demo)
5. No Way Out (1982 demo)
6. No God, No War (1981 demo)
7. I Hate You (1982 demo)

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