Gears Say 'Thanks For The Misery' With New Video


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Gears News Single art August 06, 2023
Single art

(CGZ) Florida rockers Gears - Trip Sixx [vocals], Jimmy Wooten [drums], and Josh Rout [bass] release their new single/video "Thanks For The Misery", which is a powerful and introspective song that captures the layers of emotions through the strength found in the guitar work that bleeds heartbreak, but in the deliberate beat of drum work, you realize the moment of self-reflection.

Lyrically the words dive deep, there is a clear expression found even in the beat, melody, and rhythm. The enabling tone of the vocals mirrors the emotional journey of healing and finding strength through burdensome struggles. You will find the undeniable message of release. "Thanks for the Misery" serves unequivocally as a metaphor for emotions gushing forth like an unlocked damn - a full torrent ride, and a hard rock anthem that pushes forward.

"Thanks for the Misery" is a heartfelt and introspective song that delves into the pain and aftermath of a broken relationship. The lyrics express a mix of hurt, frustration, and resilience, capturing the emotional journey of healing and self-reflection. The somber yet empowering tone of the song reflects the complex emotions associated with letting go and finding strength amidst heartbreak. Ultimately, it serves as a cathartic anthem for moving forward and embracing personal growth, while acknowledging the lessons learned from the past." - Tripp Sixx

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