Gears 'Fix What's Broken' With New Video


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Gears Single art
Single art

(CowGirlZenEntertainment) Gears have released a music video for their brand new single "Fix What's Broken". There is something in the flavor of Gears music that speaks an emotional anecdote of hard rock with a danceable edge.

The combination of Trip and Jimmy are incomparably tight-fitting. Together they are the puzzle pieces that mesmerize and latch onto your soul. Trip's vocals carry a forbidden nuance, add this to his visual talents brought to light in this particular music video, and the voodoo vibes of Miami slip into your rock pleasure. "Fix What's Broken" hits once again the undeniable sound that Gears listeners thrive on.

Tripp Sixx said of the track, "You push and you push trying to get to a point where the masses think you should be. For what? At the end of the day, you have to do you for you.

"I'm at a point in music and in life where I do what I want. I pushed through doubts and demons, worked on myself and built up that confidence, and said screw it.

"If you are waiting for your happiness to be brought to you, offered to you, or to come out of somebody else's mouth...take a seat because you will be waiting until you die!

"Happiness does not come in a store, you can't find it anywhere (except within yourself), and nobody but you can give or take it from you!" Watch the video below:

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