Michael Peter Olsen Shares Vintage Games Inspired 'Pronoia' Video


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Michael Peter Olsen News Video still June 13, 2023
Video still

(The Syndicate) Toronto songwriter, composer and producer Michael Peter Olsen has returned with his first new solo single since 2021, "Pronoia" out via Hand Drawn Dracula, sharing a video from director Shawn Chiki.

"Pronoia" is a mesmerizing soundscape that challenges traditional notions of cello music. Using his decades of experience, Olsen transforms the electric cello into a sometimes unrecognizable yet emotional instrument through the use of various audio effects and techniques. Though the sounds can be strange, Olsen never drifts into the inaccessible and in a few short minutes the bittersweet mood of the piece is captured perfectly, with hints of sweetness and sadness woven throughout.

The video from Shawk Chiki, is an evocative and captivating story following the emotional journey of two gender-neutral characters as they navigate love, self-doubt, and the struggle to accept good fortune. The 8-bit pixel art animation and Olsen's altered electric cello melodies, arpeggios and fragmented sounds, breathe life into a unique story of two lovers with a nostalgic vintage video game inspired touch. In paying homage to the title "Pronoia," the music video serves as a powerful exploration of the paradoxical
mistrust of things going right and the struggle to accept love and success.

Michael Peter Olsen is a cellist, film composer, producer and GRAMMY nominated songwriter known for his work with Drake, Arcade Fire, Ed Sheeran, The Hidden Cameras, Haim, Sharon Van Etten, and many others. He is also a full time touring and recording member of Zoon. Michael is also a newly emerging solo artist with his eponymous electric cello project, an immersive ambient sound layered with melodic hooks in a style he calls "Post-Cello". The new project, started in 2020, has toured Europe and Canada, releasing several singles and a full length LP, Yearning Flow - a Bandcamp 'Release of the Month' (January 2021) - via Hand Drawn Dracula, garnering praise from CBC Music, Exclaim!, American Songwriter, amongst others.

With his debut single, "Mayday," well over a 1 million streams, Michael is releasing five new singles + videos, and a new full length record in fall of 2023, featuring collaborations with Zoon, alaska B (Yamataka Sonic Titan) and Owen Pallett.

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Michael Peter Olsen Shares Vintage Games Inspired 'Pronoia' Video

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