Noel Gallagher Reacts To Negative Tweet From Estranged Brother Liam


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Noel Gallagher Photo Courtesy of 98.9 KPNW and LOUDMOUTH Entertainment
Photo Courtesy of 98.9 KPNW and LOUDMOUTH Entertainment

(LOUDMOUTH) During the opening night of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and Garbage Co-headlining US tour, 98.9 KPNW's Afternoon Personality Marco Collins exclusively sat down with the former Oasis frontman. The brief interview addresses the recent negative critique of his live cover of the Joy Division's song 'Love Will Tear Us Apart,' as well as the rumors of an Oasis reunion.

"I take it as a compliment that he's kinda trolling the f---king internet at whatever time in the morning looking for that kinda thing," quips Noel. "But ya know, I mean, he should concentrate on what's left of his f--king hairdo and not worry about what I'm f--king going up to."

To add more fuel to the intense and long-standing public sibling rivalry, Noel addresses the recent misconceptions between the two brothers when it comes to an Oasis reunion, telling 98.9 KPNW how Liam keeps "going on about it" but won't pick up the phone and call him.

Looking directly into the station's camera, Noel calls his brother's bluff saying, "I f--king dare you to call me. I DARE you to call me. And you won't call me because if you do call me and I go 'actually, that's a good idea. Actually, that might work,' then the a-- falls out of his trousers because THEN, then you've got to be in the same room as me and then we both know how that ends up."

Noel's final words to his brother: "Stop tweeting. You're bigger than that; you're better than that."

To listen to 98.9 KPNW Marco Collins' full interview, below:

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