Rahway News Drowning cover art August 15, 2023
Drowning cover art

Rahway 'Drowning' With New Video


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New Jersey rockers Rahway have released a brand new single called "Drowning", which comes ahead of the band's brand new EP that will be released later this year.

CowGirl Zen sent over these details: "Drowning" is an unveiling portrayal of the perils of living in a world where everyone is obsessed with projecting a perfect image. In this song, Rahway fearlessly delves into the darker tunnels of our concocted lives and uncovers the emptiness that hovers under the guise of our falsely portrayed mounds of muck. The lyrics paint an honest peer into how false projections can cause one to drown in their own facades, all while they seek approval by any crafted means.

Although, "Drowning" digs into a serious social media premise it holds a danceable, fist-pumping, anthemic sound of rock. The rough and gruff vocals of Nick Hade rumble inside and the wicked pisser guitar work pulsing from David Cardenas's axe is downright dirty. The band together has taken "Drowning" and created a stadium rock sound - one that you would gladly introduce your friends to, but may not take home to momma. This is one hella kick ace song to get you rocking. This is ROCK at its finest.

"In an era where social media has become a battleground for validation and self-worth, Rahway fearlessly explores the dark underbelly of fabricated lives. "Drowning" captures the essence of a person drowning in their own falsehoods, desperately seeking approval through carefully crafted images and narratives. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the individual's relentless pursuit of a mirage, ultimately exposing the hollowness that lies beneath the surface." - Rahway

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