Singled Out: Univore's Mister Good Vibes

Keavin Wiggins | 06-05-2023

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Univore Album art
Album art

Univore just released their new album, "Turquoise Hands". To celebrate we asked them to tell us about one of the songs and they selected "Mister Good Vibes". Here is the story:

This song began as a simple homage to a volunteer docent at the famous Camera Obscura Art Lab in Santa Monica, who gave us one of the most informative and generally pleasant tours of any place we'd ever been.

His description of the lab's history and the mechanics of how the camera operate couldn't have been scripted or delivered more perfectly. The man exuded a profoundly peaceful aura that we are hard-pressed to adequately put into words other than to characterize it as an in-person autonomous sensory meridian response, such as what some people seek on their listening devices, for example, to help them fall asleep. He had tightly curled hair and hazel eyes.

Immediately upon concluding the tour, we said goodbye to our docent, thanked him, walked out to the Santa Monica pier, and wrote the song on a harmonica between bites of the funnel cake we were sharing.

We were pleased with the song but equally haunted by the man. That night, unable to shake him from our minds, we decided to return to that same museum the next day and pitch to him the idea of forming an art cult with, us, the two members of Univore as its charter members and this song as its recruitment theme. We were chagrined to find someone else working that day and we were too shy to ask them for their colleague's name.

Besides, our enthusiasm for the very idea of a cult began to wane rapidly over the next few days, not long after which the World Health Organization announced that covid officially qualified as a pandemic, making gatherings like cult meetings no longer viable.

Whether or not the man will ever hear the song, assuming he does exist and was not just a figment of our imagination, we might not ever know. We can only hope he does.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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Singled Out: Univore's Mister Good Vibes

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