Society 1's Dagon Destroyer Recalls Meeting Dimebag

December 07, 2022

Society 1's Dagon Destroyer Recalls Meeting Dimebag
Photo by antiMusic's Debbie Seagle

(TAG) With Pantera top of mind as their reunion tour begins, fans are sharing their memories of one of the world's most iconic bands. Society 1's Dagon Destroyer is no exception. He recalls meeting Dimebag on tour.

Imagine being the biggest rock star in the world and, despite this,
waiting in line to meet the members of an obscure industrial metal
band. This was Dimebag. Totally humble and unaffected by his fame.

Dagon recalls, "I'll never forget standing there signing autographs at
our merch booth and looking up and seeing Dimebag Darrell waiting in
line to meet me as if he were just another fan. I did my best to play
it cool but I entered a state of shock. I signaled for him to come to
the front of the line, and his body language told me he wanted to
wait. He must've waited for a good 10 minutes giving the fans a
meaningful amount of time with me at the booth. Little did they know
they were standing in front of the greatest rock star of all time. I
was so worried he would leave but he just stood in line like everyone

Society 1 was on tour with Pissing Razors back in 2003. This was the
era when Dimebag and Vinnie Paul were with Damage Plan. Dime and
Vinnie were very close friends of Eddy "Razer" Garcia (Drummer of
Pissing Razors) and they were there to see the show.

Eddy corroborates the story. "Yeah, that's just how Dime was. You'd
never know how much success he'd achieved because he treated everyone
like they mattered to him because they truly did. Dime and Vinnie were
at that show because they loved Pissing Razors. Our band played
"Domination" for the Pantera Tribute Album which, in a way, really put
Pissing Razors on the map. We drank all night with them. I truly miss
my brothers, may they rest in peace."

Society 1 frontman Matt Zane remembers the interaction, "The first
thing Dime said to me at the merch booth was 'Your that band who has
the drummer with the big fro! I've seen you guys in all the magazines.
I'm so happy for your success.'"

Standing at Society 1's merch booth, Dimebag proceeds to take out his
wallet to buy Society 1's merch. Everyone started gathering around as
they realized that their eyes weren't playing tricks on them. Dime and
Vinnie were there present in a cozy metal venue in El Paso.

Dagon continues, "Dimebag told me that my big hair and look reminded
him of what he looked like when he was young. He said he absolutely
loved my look and was so happy to see all the attention we were
getting. I did my best to remain calm. He was my all-time hero. Just
before Dime headed to the bar with Eddy and The Razers, I got to tell
him that his music shaped my life and that I was so grateful for his
work here on this planet. My only regret is that I didn't get a
picture with him. I didn't sleep after that interaction for two days,
and this is not me exaggerating to tell a story. I couldn't sleep a
wink. Now 20 years later, I can still say this is one of the
highlights of my life."

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