The War and Treaty Talk Lover's Game With Dave Cobb On Apple Music

Michael Angulia | 03-17-2023

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The War and Treaty join Dave Cobb on a new episode of Southern Accents Radio on Apple Music Country to discuss their influences and recording their latest album "Lover's Game" with Dave at his house in Savannah.

The full episode of Southern Accents Radio with Dave Cobb will premiere on Apple Music Country this Saturday, March 18th at 11a PST or anytime on-demand here. They shared some excerpts from the chat below:

The War and Treaty Talk To Apple Music About Singing And Recording With Dave Cobb...

Dave Cobb: I saw two people at the absolute pinnacle of their creativity and art. Just let it out on microphone and it was uncensored. And I think when people hear this record, you're hearing like you're everything, every time you both step up to a mic. Tell me how you get in that place as singers to be able to let it out like that.

Tanya (W&T): Well, for me it is reflecting, you know, taking every experience I've ever had from, you know, 8 years old wanting to do this, you know, to 13 year old years of age, sneaking in talent shows, you know. And then when I met Michael, it was just like an explosion because finally I met my, I will call it my love, my heart match, but as well as my musical match. And he surpassed the way I saw music. He was like, no, you need to start listening to this and let's mix this up together. And I'm like, my head was like, it was exploding, you know, . So when I go in the studio and I'm in there with him, I have to match him as a big part of it, as I have to bring it, you know? And he challenges me in that way and I love it.

Michael (W&T): But I feel like this album process and, and, and going down to Savannah and into the, your studio and, um, this was the first time for me to where I feel like we had to trust each other vocally. And not rely on our own soul, uh, skill. Like the songs called for, you know, trusting where you can go or where I can go. But also believing where we really can go within the music and singing with Tonya is just, it's so life changing. You know? Cause you're literally singing with the greatest voice of our generation. And, and it's like trying to, you're damaged to keep up. It's like, wow, here we go again. You know, every night I'm like, oh geez. You know? But, uh, it just, it always feels really good.

Michael of The War and Treaty Talks To Apple Music About Recording "Lover's Game" at Dave Cobb's House...

Michael (W&T): You know, we were at Dave's house, and the one thing I will say is I think that we sung our best because I think Dave bribed us with dinner.

Tanya: Yes! . That too.

Michael: I was like, if we don't sing this, you're not gonna eat. We can't eat! And I was like, trying, come on, like every day it was something, we were eating. I mean, oh my God.

Dave Cobb: You're revealing my tricks.

Michael: But I also felt like, I didn't feel like it was his house, I felt like it was my house. Like it was our home, and we were all living there. Like really? I was like, man, like I could literally do this every day. In Savannah versus the pressures of you know, I mean like, the history of like RCA or, you know, like these studios. It's dope too. Like that's cool, but the pressures of trying to psychologically live up to what's coming out of there. It kind of can play on you a little bit. And then you go to this and you're like, this is familiar to me. Like, I'm chilling....you know,
I mean, like, you got these world class hitmakers sitting around you and Dave is like, "all right, let's go!" You're like what? Like now? Okay. You know, and it's like, hey. And you are like, okay. I'm used to like, okay, we're gonna sing this 80 times. And he's like, "mmm no, just do it one more time, I think we got it."

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