Void Of Vision Surprise Release Chronicles III: Underworld EP


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(Atom Splitter) The third and final chapter for Melbourne metalcore collective Void Of Vision's CHRONICLES saga arrives today - journeying deep into a sonic inferno via three blistering new tracks on the band's surprise new EP Chronicles III: Underworld.

Previously offering a shattering glimpse into the third CHRONICLES addition, the recent track "HELL HELL HELL" showcased blazing riffs, guttural vocals, and relentless soundscapes alongside measured progression that Jack Bergin, James McKendrick, Mitch Fairlie, and George Pfaendner have collectively pursued since forming back in 2013.

With three caustic yet forward-thinking tracks lying in wait on CHRONICLES III: UNDERWORLD, from the neon-clad, riotous pulsations of "HELL HELL HELL" to the moody swagger of "ASMR" and the fiery futurism of "NEUE SICHT," this brand new EP is simultaneously Void Of Vision as you've never heard them before, while also sturdily leveling up the foundations laid in its wake throughout the band's burgeoning career.

And while the track "ASMR" may mark the midway point for the new Void Of Vision EP, it was itself the first ever song penned for the entire CHRONICLES series. Watch the visualizer below.

Bergin reveals, "This track out of everything was funnily enough the first song we wrote for the whole CHRONICLES series during the pandemic and a piece of work we kept left aside to save for the final chapter. I'm fairly sure the vocal demo was the first thing I tracked on my laptop for this whole project."

He continues, speaking on the evolution of "ASMR," saying, "The simplicity of ASMR never once changed from there, we wanted to keep it extremely stripped back and open and build to a big finish. Yet in the final moments with the track in the studio, we decided to change up the finale completely, going against what was initially a much more 'traditional' VOV-sounding finish, and opting to challenge ourselves to really bring it home and cement this new experimental sound of ours. We took influences from a large culmination of favourites from the past few years including The Presets, Chanel Tres, and Nine Inch Nails and put it all together in a big f***ed up blender together."

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