Alana Springsteen Delivers 'TWENTY SOMETHING (DELUXE)'


Alana Springsteen Delivers 'TWENTY SOMETHING (DELUXE)'

(Columbia Records) Alana Springsteen has released the extended version of her acclaimed debut album, TWENTY SOMETHING (DELUXE). Available across all streaming platforms and digital retailers, listen here.

"TWENTY SOMETHING has taken me on a journey that's been more deeply fulfilling and transformative than I ever hoped. These songs have healed me and, as it turns out, have healed others out there as well, which is all I've ever wanted for my music. This album is rooted in the stories and lessons learned that have made me the person I am today, so I wanted to reintroduce a couple of songs in their most honest forms," shares Springsteen. "'just a house' is a new addition, and it's the next chapter from where track 18, 'amen,' leaves off. I wrote 'amen' about giving myself permission to live life on my own terms. There's a line in it that goes: 'Maybe imma buy my own house / Hang the chandelier on my own' - and that's exactly what I ended up doing. I moved out of my family's home into my own house this past year, and bought a fluffy white couch that makes me happier than I can put into words. I cut some of this track in the studio then moved everything over to my living room for an afternoon, where I sat on that couch and recorded the rest there. You'll hear the moment where the song transitions from the studio take to the couch take. It felt important to sing those words surrounded by this new home that's so much more than just a house to me."

Delivering her hotly anticipated and groundbreaking debut album, TWENTY SOMETHING, comprised of three fully realized and fearlessly honest installments - Messing It Up, Figuring It Out, and Getting It Right - Springsteen tacks on three fresh tracks (one for each part) to the landmark collection that NPR hailed, "Few artists dissect and make sense of life in your 20s quite like Alana Springsteen." Introducing stripped renditions of "goodbye looks good on you (feat. Mitchell Tenpenny)" and "amen," the latter contains an interpolation of "More Hearts Than Mine" by Ingrid Andress. Springsteen also adds a brand-new song, "just a house," that sets the tone for her next personal chapter. Continuing to grow within the coming-of-age narrative threaded throughout TWENTY SOMETHING, the Springsteen, Liz Rose, Trannie Anderson, and AJ Pruis-penned track speaks to one of the strangest aspects of becoming truly self-reliant: the experience of returning to your childhood home and feeling undeniably out of place. After opening on a moment of heavyhearted observation, she details all the wildly conflicting emotions that come up as she wanders her former home, imbuing every line with her quietly soulful vocal presence. Taking the reins as main producer and dreaming up a stark and moody sound that perfectly suits Springsteen's pensive reflection, the Austin Stanley co-produced "just a house" ultimately achieves an ineffable beauty as she captures both the power of moving on and the pain of leaving your past behind.

1. "you don't deserve a country song" (Alana Springsteen, Mitchell Tenpenny, Geoff Warburton, Will Weatherly, Michael Whitworth)*
2. "if you love me now" (Alana Springsteen, John Byron, Jared Keim, Ryan Beaver)+
3. "caught up to me" (Alana Springsteen, Mitchell Tenpenny, Will Weatherly, Dallas Wilson)+
4. "goodbye looks good on you (feat. Mitchell Tenpenny)" (Alana Springsteen, Lauren LaRue, Mitchell Tenpenny, Dallas Wilson)^
5. "tennessee is mine" (Alana Springsteen, Madison Kozak, Claire Douglas Wall, Grady Block)**
6. "shoulder to cry on" (Alana Springsteen, Liz Rose, Trannie Anderson, AJ Pruis)^
7. "twenty something" (Alana Springsteen, Liz Rose, AJ Pruis, Trannie Anderson)^
8. "chameleon" (Alana Springsteen, Sasha Alex Sloan, King Henry)+
9. "here's to all my exes" (Alana Springsteen, Will Weatherly, Rodney Clawson, Chris Tompkins)#
10. "hypocrite" (Alana Springsteen, Mitchell Tenpenny, Will Weatherly, Ryan Beaver)^
11. "when we were friends" (Alana Springsteen, Sasha Alex Sloan, Pete Good)**
12. "ghost in my guitar (feat. Chris Stapleton)" (Alana Springsteen, Ido Zmishlany, Delacey, Sarah Solovay)++
13. "taylor did" (Alana Springsteen, Trannie Anderson, Dallas Wilson, Alysa Vanderheym)^^
14. "different kinda country" (Alana Springsteen, Josh Dorr, Nick Bailey)##
15. "cowboys and tequila" (Alana Springsteen, Paul DiGiovanni, Parker Welling, Josh Dorr)+
16. "thinkin' straight" (Alana Springsteen, Shay Mooney, Ryan "Rykeyz" Williamson, Geoff Warburton)***
17. "look i like" (Alana Springsteen, Shane McAnally, Pete Good)**
18. "amen" (Alana Springsteen, Delacey, Sarah Solovay, Ido Zmishlany)++
19. "just a house" (Alana Springsteen, Liz Rose, Trannie Anderson, AJ Pruis)^^
20. "goodbye looks good on you (feat. Mitchell Tenpenny) (acoustic)" (Alana Springsteen, Lauren LaRue, Mitchell Tenpenny, Dallas Wilson)^^
21. "amen (the one take)" (Alana Springsteen, Delacey, Sarah Solovay, Ido Zmishlany, Derrick Southerland, Ingrid Andress, Sam Ellis)++

* Produced by Chris LaCorte; Co-Produced by Will Weatherly
+ Produced by Paul DiGiovanni and Alana Springsteen
^ Produced by Chris LaCorte and Alana Springsteen
# Produced by Will Weatherly and Alana Springsteen
** Produced by Pete Good and Alana Springsteen
++ Produced by Ido Zmishlany and Alana Springsteen
^^ Produced by Alana Springsteen; Co-Produced by Austin Stanley
## Produced by Nick Bailey and Alana Springsteen
*** Produced by Ryan "Rykeyz" Williamson

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