Aftermath Transform & Disrupt With New Single

Keavin Wiggins | January 01, 2023

Aftermath Transform & Disrupt With New Single
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Aftermath have released a music video for their brand new single "Transform & Disrupt". The track comes from their forthcoming album, "No Time to Waste", which will arrive on March 17th.

Kyriakos "Charlie" Tsiolis said of the song, "To Transform and Disrupt the educational system is the message of this track. 'History is written by the victors' according to the famous saying, but the saying left out that real knowledge and information is also controlled by them.

"The education system that we all go through has brainwashed us and indoctrinated us into believing what 'they' want us to accept as reality. This allows them to control everything and until we understand that and transform and disrupt this machine, we will never truly be free." Watch the video below:

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