Enter Shikari Share New Single 'It Hurts'

Keavin Wiggins | 02-09-2023

Enter Shikari Share New Single 'It Hurts' Album art

Enter Shikari have revealed their new track "It Hurts", the second single from their forthcoming album "A Kiss For The Whole World," which will arrive on April 21st.

Frontman and producer Rou Reynolds had this to say, "'It Hurts' came to me in a dream. Literally. Melody, chords, and fully-formulated chorus were all part of a dream that, thankfully, remained with me when I woke up. I was hiding under the duvet at 3AM, singing it into my phone, much to the bewilderment of my girlfriend.

"Lyrically, 'It Hurts' is about perseverance, and the importance of reframing failure as a fruitful and, in fact, pivotal route to progress. Society teaches us we should avoid and criticise failure, when defeat and honest mistakes can actually present us with insights that light our way forward.

"In reality, we should be taught that simply to try makes us more than enough." Stream the song below:

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