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Day in Rock Report for 11/27/2023

Iconic veteran rockers Killing Joke have shared the sad news that longtime guitarist Kevin "Geordie" Walker died on Sunday, November 26th, after he suffered a stroke. He was 64.

The band shared via Facebook, "It is with extreme sadness we confirm that at 6:30am on 26th November 2023 in Prague, Killing Joke's legendary guitarist Kevin 'Geordie' Walker passed away after suffering a stroke, he was surrounded by family. We are devastated. Rest In Peace brother." (continue)

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Metal legends Metallica have been awarded the SoundExchange Hall of Fame Award as one of the most streamed acts in the organization's 20-year history.

"Metallica is considered one of the greatest rock bands of all time, and for good reason," said Michael Huppe, President and CEO of SoundExchange. "They have built and rebuilt themselves, continually honing their epic sound with each album and constantly expanding their appeal without abandoning their roots. (continue)

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Original Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler is ready to rock later this week when he will shared the stage with Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil at the Quechan Casino Resort in Winterhaven, Ca on November 30, 2023.

"It will be great to see old friends and I look forward to seeing lots of new faces too," says Adler. "I'm personally inviting everyone to come out and experience the thrill of a one-of-a-kind night with me and Vince Neil. Let the spectacle begin!" (continue)

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Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler took to social media to dispute claims made by Ozzy Osbourne in a recently published interview that the bassist failed to reach out to his longtime bandmate amidst Ozzy's health struggles the past few years.

Butler wrote, "Rumour has it; Ozzy is upset, saying he never received my get well messages. I made 2 different attempts at getting in touch during his illnesses. My first email (8 Feb, 2019) went through his office because I didn't have Ozzy's new number to text him. (continue)

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The 45th anniversary of the Doobie Brothers' hit 1978 album "Minute By Minute" is being celebrated by the syndicated radio show In The Studio With Redbeard: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands.

Redbeard shared the following synopsis for the episode: Back when the Doobie Brothers' Minute by Minute album was released in December 1978, I wasn't aware of this Hollywood maxim, but the band's Warner Bros. record label certainly was. Let me clue you in to a little-known showbiz PR secret to which no one in Hollywood or network TV will ever admit: when you suddenly see big movie stars who rarely grant interviews suddenly showing up on every early morning and late night talk show, it means that, from the reaction at private pre-release test screenings, the movie studio believes it has a stinker on its hands and that it needs to have a huge opening weekend of public release before word gets out. No doubt that is why the spin doctors dispatched Doobie Brothers singer/songwriter/keyboardist Michael McDonald to visit radio stations just days before Christmas 1978 and hand deliver the band's new album, Minute by Minute. (continue)

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SiriusXM Hair Nation and Ozzy's Boneyard host Mark Strigl recently launched a new segment called "Hair to Stay" on his Hair Nation shows to celebrate new and current music from the classic hard rock artists featured on the station.

Mark shared in his latest newsletter, "I recently started a new segment on my SiriusXM Hair Nation 39 shows which take place every Saturday and Sunday morning. Hair Nation celebrates the classic music by the hard rock artists that you and I grew up with back in the 1980s and early 90s. (continue)

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Swedish prog rockers Moon Safari have premiered a music video for their new track "Emma, Come On", which is the second single from their forthcoming studio album, "Himlabacken Vol. 2."

Ten years in the making, their 5th studio album will be released on December 6th through Marquee Inc. in Japan and worldwide on December 8th through the band's own Blomljud Records Inc, according to the announcement. (continue)

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Scott Whiddon recently released his sophomore album, "The Best of Intentions," and to celebrate we asked him to tell us about the song "Maybe That's Enough For Now" (feat Jay Gonzalez of Drive-By-Truckers). Here is the story:

There's a book by Joe Carducci called Enter Naomi: SST, L.A., and All That. It's a fantastic account of not only Carducci's first-hand experience with the famed SST Records in its heyday, but also of the photographer Naomi Petersen. Petersen's photographs - mostly in sharp black and white - gave a sense of drama and timelessness to bands such as Black Flag, The Minutemen, and more. Petersen died of cancer at age 38. You can see some of her work on Instagram at @punkrocknaomi - curated by her brother, Chris. (continue)

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