Andy Pursell To Celebrate Trucker Appreciation Day With 'Last Load To Heaven'


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Andy Pursell To Celebrate Trucker Appreciation Day With 'Last Load To Heaven'

(MCM) Andy Pursell has announced the scheduled release of his new single "Last Load To Heaven," due Wednesday, October 4, 2023, in conjunction with "Trucker Appreciation Day."

Written by Pursell, and produced by Mark Dryer, "Last Load To Heaven" is a poignant ballad dedicated to the tireless truckers-the unsung heroes who traverse the length and breadth of the country.

The track serves as a powerful homage to Pursell's longtime friend, depicting a passionate life well-lived and his final haul backing to the pearly gates. The musical narrative is a celebration and a eulogy, pays tribute to the indomitable spirit of truckers and serves as a reminder that while every journey has an end, memories are made to live.

Lyrics like "From boots on to boots off, he's working 'round the clock" and "He's an angel riding high tonight, made it through a heavy storm" encapsulate the relentless spirit and unwavering determination of road warriors.

"Chris and I made some runs together on weekends; I'm glad we enjoyed the experience before his passing," Andy Pursell said. "We always talked about writing a song, but never had the opportunity. 'Last Load To Heaven' just kind of wrote itself; it's my tribute to my friend and the everyday truckers that keep America thriving, and who so often go without the recognition they deserve."

The tune opens with eerie instrumentation revved by big road sounds and deliberate drum beats that parallel fast-paced, dotted pavement markings on the highway. Dryer's production is a testament to the timeless appeal of iconic country music themes ensuring "Last Load To Heaven" finds a special place in the hearts of listeners across generations. Upbeat, adrenaline-pumping rhythms are a highlight.

"I wanted to enliven the adrenaline that you only feel when you're movin' down the road in a big ole truck," Pursell added. "My producer, Mark Dreyer, and the session players captured the heart-pounding feeling of sitting behind the wheel. We wanted to take the listener for a ride and I think we achieved that."

No stranger to the trucking industry, Pursell's family owned a 24-hour roadside service company providing assistance to lone truckers in need of fuel, a tow, or spare parts. He holds his commercial driver's license and he has driven a variety of semis, from Mack to International trucks, on short and long hauls.

"Trucking is a skill that not everyone is built for. Those who have lost a loved one in the trucking field understand the sacrifices they've made. To be a trucker is to be dedicated to keeping America growing. I'm proud to have known one as well as I did," Pursell said in conclusion.

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