Hyro The Hero Shares 'Head Underwater' ft Reddstar and Dan Sugarman of Ice Nine Kills


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Hyro The Hero Single art
Single art

(SRO) Hyro The Hero joins the conversation on mental health with his compelling new single "Head Under Water," featuring guest vocals from alternative rock group REDDSTAR and Dan Sugarman of Ice Nine Kills. The musically fiery single details the Houston, TX-raised artist's personal battle with depression with its leading lyrics stating:

"Dark clouds around my head/
I ain't feeling fine.
Immediate help, I need a hotline.
I've been feeling like this for a long time."

As "Head Under Water" progresses, the lyrics show HYRO's resilience in fighting those dark thoughts and his determination to block them out entirely. "It was such an epic feeling to have the first single off my new album be 'Head Under Water ft Reddstar and Dan Sugarman of Ice Nine Kills,'" relates HYRO. "There's such intense emotion we conveyed through this track that I hope listeners will be able to connect with it. It's a deep dive into depression and the dark thoughts that arise when struggling with life's problems. When you feel like you have nobody to talk to or that can understand, it can lead to terrible things. Mental health is no longer a taboo subject and it's being brought up in discussion throughout society today, so I wanted to touch on it because I know the feeling first-hand."

"I knew when I heard this track that we had something," shares REDDSTAR. "Not only does the song have a lot of meaning but I like how Hyro and I approached it from our own perspectives. I do believe when people listen to this that so many will be able to connect or relate to it on multiple levels."

"'Head Under Water' is as authentic and real as a song can get," comments SUGARMAN. "The second I heard this track, I knew I needed to be a part of it. Feeding off the raw rock energy, I dug deep to bring as many melodic and off-the-wall guitar elements to the table as I possibly could. Playing through a slurred drunken swagger, the solo and guitar playing gets more concise and razor sharp as the song progresses. Hyro and Reddstar spit the sickest flows and heaviest lyrics I've ever heard, and that meant that I needed to do the same. Moments before I started to write and record I got a call from my doctor with the most terrifying medical news that a person could get, so I poured myself into this solo, and into this song. I know 'Head Under Water' will hit you like it hit me, because this feeling is so real for so many of us."

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