Travis Tritt's Son Tristan Shares Rockin' New Single 'Nervous System Overload'


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Tristan Tritt Single art
Single art

(AristoPR) Tristan Tritt, the up-and-coming rock artist, and songwriter, has just released a powerful new single, "Nervous System Overload," which finds Tritt expanding lyrically and melodically, ruminating on themes associated with anxiety.

Tritt's intention was to create an unpredictable rock track to help portray the chaos and feeling of anxiety. Co-produced by Steven Patrick Wilson and Kelly Paige, and co-written by Wilson, Paige, and Tristan Tritt, the song delves into the overwhelming influence of social media on our daily lives.

For Tritt, "Nervous System Overload" represents a significant departure from his usual style and showcases a more authentic version of himself as an artist. Despite being the son of country music legend Travis Tritt, Tristan has always been drawn to rock and roll, and he believes that this new song pushes the boundaries of his creativity in a way that truly reflects his interests and perspectives.

He spoke about the release, saying, "I really believe that this song is my first time getting out of my own comfort zone and discussing subject matter that is truer to my interest and perspective. The concept for this song exemplifies the current state of the social media world, where everyone is being force-fed information at an unsustainable rate. Steven and Kelly allowed me to get weird and push the song to lengths that I could not have, had I not had their support and guidance. This song hits hard, and will for sure leave your head buzzing and your ears ringing."

With Tritt's vision for the song and notable rock sound, "Nervous System Overload" expands to new heights, resulting in a track that "hits hard" and will leave listeners buzzing. Fans can stream "Nervous System Overload" on all major platforms starting May 10.

Tristan's last single, "Oblivion," showcased his versatility as an artist with its love song-inspired lyrics and dark, eerie edge influenced by Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins. Through his music, Tristan is carving out his own career path and staying true to his passion for rock and roll.

Tritt's unique sound defies the expectations placed upon him, and his versatility as an artist is on full display with this new release. Growing up on the road as a touring family member, he learned from some of country music's greatest talents and developed a love for rock and roll that has since become his passion. Despite initially feeling nervous about stepping out on stage and playing rock music instead of country, Tritt has become more comfortable and confident in his identity as a rocker and is set to embark on his first tour starting this May with the South Carolina band Seven Year Witch.

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Travis Tritt's Son Tristan Shares Rockin' New Single 'Nervous System Overload'

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