Tristan Tritt Streams New Song 'Cause It's Mine'


Tristan Tritt Streams New Song 'Cause It's Mine'

Tristan Tritt has shared his new single "Cause It's Mine", which comes from his forthcoming EP "What Are We Doing?" that will arrive this spring and is the follow up to his hit single "No Filter".

Tritt had this to say about the them of the new song, "Being from a small town in Georgia I have always been baffled by folks in cities like Nashville and Los Angeles, who essentially ask you to change everything about yourself before you've even had a chance to get started.

"In a lot of ways, I hold the unofficial title of a 'control freak', especially when it comes to how I wish to be presented through my music. Plenty of people have cheered and booed at me in the few short years of doing music, but I find it easier and easier to stand my ground and maintain a level of authenticity that I can stay true to."

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