Blacklite District Shares 'Just So You Know XL'


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Blacklite District Shares 'Just So You Know XL'

(TAG) South Dakota-based alternative rock artist Kyle Pfeiffer, better known as Blacklite District, has unveiled his newest single, a re-imagining of his highly popular "Just So You Know," "Just So You Know XL."

Produced by Brett Hestla, "Just So You Know XL" is the debut single off of the upcoming album, You're Welcome - XL. Listening to "Just So You Know XL" is an electrifying sonic journey that transcends boundaries and will excite and entrance both new and long time fans.

An expanded and enriched version of the 2017 single, an original and critically loved Minecraft song with a viral video created by renown animator, gamer, and creator Rainimator, "Just So You Know XL" stands as a testament to the multi-talented artist's ongoing evolution. From the very first note to the last lingering echo, "Just So You Know XL" captivates with its powerful vocals, intricate instrumentals, and profound lyrics.

Kyle shared, "This was the song that basically started this whole 'XL' project. I had to find a way to play this song acoustic, because the original version is a very beat/trap driven track, and here we are. One of the most popular songs in the Blacklite District catalog, I am beyond excited to share with brand new version of "Just So You Know", the 'You're Welcome - XL' album this fall, as well as some tour dates! The boys and I are also hard at work on new music and have a lot more in store for the rest of the year!"

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