The Flower Kings Deliver 'Mother Earth' Video


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The Flower Kings Deliver 'Mother Earth' Video

Prog Rock icons The Flower Kings are celebrating the arrive of their 16th studio album, "Look At You Now," with the release of a music video for the song "Mother Earth".

Roine says of the new single: "Mother Earth" is the 3rd 'single' from our new album; a song written by our bass man Michael Stolt - with help from Jannica Lund. A song looking at our environmental crises - at a time when we see them unfolding with terrifying precision - while our leaders seem to be ignoring much of the urgency of these matters.

"The 'looking at us NOW' - is real - we're nearing the eye of the storm and yet profit goes before concern about our wounded planet. A time for healing is imminent. So, enjoy our new single boys and girls - this track is a free agent but also a part of our new concept piece."

Stolt said of the album, "1994 - A time of small beginnings - the music embryo of The Flower King/Roine Stolt came out - with little or no budget, but it did a big splash, globally. The band name was taken from Carl Von Linneus who was local and traveled worldwide finding and giving Latin names to all flowers. Today almost 30 years later the band has established themselves as the iconic alpha father of modern melodic prog and a great live act - always delivering the goods.

"The new album named Look At You Now is a testament to the persistence and tireless work of the highest level of composition, playing, singing, and production. No other modern melodic prog band has even touched the level of the 70's prog icons like The Flower Kings does. This new album shows a regenerated will to experiment with styles and sounds, very much like the earliest albums from the band.

"Music consistent in quality - and on this new album, they prove their case - A collection of songs that rings with the Nordic melancholy and the joyous inventions of classical, art-rock, fusion & pop. It has been said more than twice - The Flower Kings music grows on you - over time, just like a fine wine, or a classic book."

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