Singled Out: HUDSON's Cast Out

HUDSON are creating a buzz with their authentic rock sound and today guitarist/producer Chris Llewellyn tells us about the crazy story behind the title track of their new EP "Cast Out", which comes out October 21st. Here is the story:

Our single "Cast Out" was written in response to a very traumatic event that happened in the spring of 2009. Our bassist/keyboardist Brian Cohen and I were living in Atlanta at the time, producing and touring with various major label acts. We woke up one day and decided we were going to move to Los Angeles to continue pursuing our production career and possibly find a singer for a band. We decided to leave that very week and went out the night before our departure to celebrate. I went out with a friend of mine and Brian went out with a friend of his separately. Later that night I received a call from Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta saying Brian had been beaten nearly to death and was in the trauma unit. I rushed to the hospital and arrived to find my best friend completely unrecognizable. I ended up taking photos of him that night, as well as photos of the scene of the crime. He had been beaten in and out of consciousness multiple times and as a result had a major fracture in his face, as well as 3 breaks in his foot. It took him a major surgery and a full month to heal enough so that we could make the trek out to California.

The five guys who beat him that night were caught thanks to a taxi driver seeing the whole incident and getting the license plate number of the getaway car. From there, it took six years to finally make it to court.

In November 2014 we flew to Atlanta for the trial. Due to complications in the trial and facts that were skewed, all five defendants ended up walking away scot-free. Our first response was to get angry and want revenge. We felt that justice had not been served, as it seemed that 3 of the 5 guys felt zero remorse for what they had done. I called our lead singer David back in California and relayed to him the outcome of the trial. He was as upset as we were and ended up taking a really powerful track we had recently recorded and wrote the lyrics to "Cast Out". By the time we made the flight back to L.A. the next day, the song was finished.

One of the main lines in the song that truly sums up the meaning of it for us is "If I had my way I'd break your face, but instead everyday you're gonna hear my name." It was basically our way of saying we were going to take the high road and focus on being successful rather than retaliating against the perpetrators. We wanted to promote the fact that you can take a negative experience and use it as fuel for something positive. Six years after this absolutely horrific event, we have an extremely powerful song with an equally powerful message to share with the world. Without this event happening, "Cast Out" would have never been written and we might not even be here talking with you today.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the band and the EP right here!

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