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On Friday Avenged Sevenfold Plan To Mix Things Up On Upcoming Tour was a top story. Here is the recap: (TeamRock) Avenged Sevenfold are revamping their shows for the upcoming tour - with a "big" production and a setlist packed with older material and songs they've never played before.

Vocalist M Shadows says they're experimenting with a new stage concept as the novelty wears off their last album, 2013's Hail To The King.

He tells WGRD: "On this tour we're thinking about going with a really clean, really big look. And since Hail To The King is three years old, it really isn't appropriate to bring out Hail To The King-themed stuff.

"So I think what we're gonna start doing is we've been, in rehearsal, bringing out a lot of older things that people haven't necessarily heard in a long time, or things we've never played. Like, we debuted a song called Planets the other night, and we've been playing a song called Acid Rain.

"We want to start bringing out some older stuff that people haven't necessarily heard. So we wanna pack this setlist with stuff that isn't necessarily all the hits and just kind of come up with a big look, production-wise, while we work on building something much bigger for the future and for the next few runs." Read more - here.


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