Singled Out: Hyro The Hero's Bullet

Hyro The Hero

Hyro The Hero tells us about the track "Bullet" from his recently released album "Flagged Channel". Here is the story:

My single "Bullet" means a lot to me. It's my first single out in seven years since my last album "Birth, School, Work, Death". It's packed with hard hitting poetic messages that gets straight to the point and still makes you think.

When I received the music for it, I was at my studio in Glendale, CA. Marc O'Connell from Taking Back Sunday was in town and wanted to come through and show me some of his hip-hop beats he had been working on. Once he came I said "Yo, check out this new music I just got for my album, my A&R sent it from a producer named Shawn McGhee." I literally received the email when he knocked. We both played it loud and he said, "Hell yeah, you can rock that."

A few days later I was able to sit with it and lyrically kill my verses easily. The riff was insane so it instantly told me to speak about the injustice that's taking place today. A topic I'm all too familiar with being a black man in America. The chorus was my only issue. I wanted it to be hard-hitting and get the point across without saying too much. I probably made three different choruses. Much props to my A&R Mike Gitter who kept pushing me to make it better and better. Feeling a bit frustrated trying to find the right words I stepped away for a day. (I do that to clear my mind from thinking too much) In the process though, the words "A bullet doesn't have a name on it" kept going off in my head. I finally answered that thought by saying " But I'll put one on that Mufu$&er". Then I instantly yelled "I Got A Bullet with Your Name".

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!

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