Riverside Release 'River Down Below' Video


Riverside have released a video for their new track "River Down Below." The song comes from the group's forthcoming new studio album "Wasteland".

Singer and bassist Mariusz Duda had this to say about the new track, "River Down Below is another song we've written with 'river' in the title, the fourth one, if I'm not mistaken.

"In our case, river symbolizes memory and that's the case here as well. The lyrics tell the story of a wanderer, who accidentally finds the grave of one of those who didn't manage to survive the apocalypse. He hears a voice, 'Take me from here, take me to the river, that's where I belong.'

"'If the band continue to exist, the memory of Grudzien will survive,' said one of my friends when I thought it was the end of Riverside. So there had to be a track on the new album that would refer to it. Not literally. It's still a story about the world in an alternative future, but you can find that reference between the lines."

He added, "It's a very simple, delicate, and at the same time incredibly powerful song - one of the most beautiful Riverside melodies I have managed to write, with a brilliant solo by one of our guests, Maciej Meller.

"We have always subscribed to the idea that there's great power in simplicity. River Down Below showcases the essence of our music and gives an idea of the emotions which can be found on our upcoming new release." Watch the video here.

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